The Montgomery County Planning Board Agenda

Thursday, October 8, 2009


October 7, 2009 - 3:30 pm


8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3760

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Please note:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, Planning Board meetings are held on Thursdays and begin at 9 a.m. The agenda is subject to change and certain items may be postponed or added.
  2. The Planning Board encourages public testimony unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Refer to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information on public testimony. Any individual or organization not scheduled for public testimony may submit a written statement for consideration by the Planning Board. Written comments should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the Planning Board hearing date with reference to the matter to ensure that all comments will be included in the record before the Commission. Written comments received on the day of the hearing via email, fax, or postal mail may not be considered by the Planning Board or included in the record unless the Chairman specifically leaves the record open. Comments should be transmitted via e-mail to, faxed to Chairman Royce Hanson at 301-495-1320, or addressed to: Royce Hanson, Chairman, Montgomery County Planning Board, 8787 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.
  3. Occasionally due to time constraints, the Planning Board may limit the total amount of time dedicated to public testimony. Total time limits will be listed on the agenda.
  4. Sign up online or call 301-495-4600 to testify on any agenda item in advance of a hearing.
  5. Listen to the Planning Board proceedings live on our website: Or on Thursdays, call 301-495-1333 for a recorded message on the status of the agenda.
  6. The Planning Board makes the final decision on any agenda items with an (*). On such matters, Maryland law and the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure prohibit any member of the public from directly contacting or communicating with Board members outside the public hearing setting. See the Outside Communications section of the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information.

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item *1 Adoption of Resolutions

1. Montgomery Village Marketplace - Site Plan No. 820090060 - ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 09-124

2. North Westland Building - Preliminary Plan No. 12004031A - ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 09-65


Item *2 Record Plats


Item *3 Consent Items


Item 4 Approval of Minutes
  Minutes of September 17, 2009


Item *5 Preliminary Plan 120070520 Chevy Chase View (Resubdivision)

E. Grayson

R-60 zone; 0.96 acres; 3 lots requested for 3 one-family detached residential dwellings, one existing to remain; located on Clearbrook Lane, 125 feet west of Cedar Lane; Kensington-Wheaton.
Planning Board Action/Decision: Denied

Item *6 Local Map Amendment No: G-882

D. Orobona

Part A / Part B

Foundation for Advanced Education in Sciences, applicant, requests a local map amendment for rezoning from the R-60 Zone to RT-8.0 Zone; located at 9204, 9208, 9214 Cypress Avenue & 5201, 5205 Cedar Lane, Bethesda

Planning Board Action/Decision: Denied

(Action required for hearing by the Hearing Examiner on 10/23/09)

Item *7 Limited Site Plan Review No. 82006034A, Children’s Manor Montessori School (formerly Traville Day Care)

J Sloan

TS-R zone; 4.26 acres; amendment to change the use to include both a day care facility and private educational institute; located at the southwest quadrant of the intersection Darnestown Road and Traville Gateway Drive; Potomac

Planning Board Action/Decision: Denied

Item 8 Tilden Woods Bioretention Facility - POSTPONED

J. Penn / D. Redmond

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation proposes to construct a bioretention facility in Tilden Woods Local Park as part of the required mitigation for the construction of the Montrose Parkway. A public meeting was held at Tilden Woods Local Park on July 9, 2009

*A. Forest Conservation Plan

Staff Recommendation: Approval

B. Mandatory Referral No. MR2007902
Construction of a local Park

Staff Recommendation: Approval to Transmit with Comments to MCDOT

12:05 PM LUNCH
Item 9

Closed Session

C. Moise

Pursuant to Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government Article, Section 10-508 (a) (13) to comply with a specific constitutional, statutory, or judicially imposed requirement that prevents public disclosures about a particular proceeding or matter (Approval of Closed Session Minutes)
Item 10

Closed Session - POSTPONED

C. Sorrento/D. Lieb Pursuant to Maryland State Government Code Annotated Section (10-508) (a) (7) (consult with counsel to obtain legal advice) (Subject:  Potomac Estates)
Item 17 Closed Session - ADDITION
A. Gardner Pursuant to Maryland State Government Code Annotated Section (10-508) (a) (7) (consult with counsel to obtain legal advice)
Item 11 FY11 Department of Parks Operating Budget Worksession - POSTPONED

K. Warnick


This is the first worksession with the Department of Parks to discuss the development and priorities for the FY11 Proposed Budget.

Item 15 FY10 Mid Year Savings Plan - All Departments - ADDITION
O. Rodriguez
(No Public Testimony Taken)
Item 16 FY10 Program Budget - CAS Departments - ADDITION
O. Rodriguez/P. Barney/A. Gardner
(No Public Testimony Taken)
Item *12 Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan No. S-2710 and Special Exception S-2710: Day Hill LLC (Kiddie Academy) for a Child Day Care Facility for up to 158 children; R-200 Zone; located at the of Corner of Bonifant and Catoctin Drive, Silver Spring

E. Tesfaye

Part A / Part B

*A. Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan No. S-2710: Day Hill LLC (Kiddie Academy)

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved

B. Special Exception S-2710: Day Hill LLC (Kiddie Academy) Request for a special exception for a Child Day Care Center for 158 children

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved with conditions

(Action required for hearing by the Hearing Examiner on 10/23/09)

Item 13 Roundtable Discussion - REVISION


Growth Policy Update

(No Public Testimony Taken)

Item *14 Limited Site Plan Review No. 82004015F, Fortune Park (aka Park Potomac)

E. Hisel-McCoy

I-3 zone; 20.28 acres; amendment to relocate bike racks inside the garage, adjust brick pavers at Condo building #1, add wrought iron fence around pool, add pool pump room, add the road connection of Park Potomac Avenue to Fortune Terrace and minor landscaping modifications; located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Montrose Road and I-270; Potomac Subregion

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved

7:30 PM Speaker Series - MRO AUDITORIUM

Neil Weinstein

The executive director of the Low Impact Development Center in Beltsville, MD, Neil Weinstein is a registered engineer and landscape architect. With over 20 years' experience in environmental planning, research, and design, he has focused on how to effectively use the landscape and built environment to create a sustainable infrastructure that protects natural resources and enhances the aesthetics and quality of life in urban areas.