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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 1:30 pm


8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3760

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item 1 Consent Agenda

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

  1. Gosnell Property Site Plan 820060240 – ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 10-118 [Deferred from September 16, 2010]

2. Snow Hill Farm Preliminary Plan 120070570 – ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 10-57 [Deferred from September 16, 2010]

3. Piney Glen Farms (Lot 20) Preliminary Plan 11992012A – ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 10-103 [Deferred from September 16, 2010]

4. Lower Booze Creek Stabilization Forest Conservation Plan MR 2008901 – ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 10-71 [Deferred from September 16, 2010]

5. Garrett Park Elementary School Modernization Forest Conservation Plan MR2010701 – ADOPTION OF MCPB RESOLUTION No. 10-92 [Deferred from September 16, 2010]


*B. Records Plats

S. Smith

Subdivision Plat No. 220100730 - 220100750, Symphony Park R-60 zone, 112 lots, 5 parcels; located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Rockville Pike (MD 355) and Strathmore Avenue (MD 547); North Bethesda/Garrett Park

Planing Board Action/Decision: Approved.


Subdivision Plat No. 220101060, J.C. Wilson Estate – Silver Spring CBD-1 zone, 1 lot; located in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Spring Street and Cameron Street; Silver Spring CBD

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.


Reservation Plat No. 220110060, Future Transitway (Purple Line) Located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of East-West Highway (MD 410) and Colesville Road (MD 384)

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.


*C. Other Consent Items


Site Plan Amendment Review No. 82003029B, The Estates At Greenbriar Preserve (Limited) RNC zone; 71.32 acres; amendment to remove the 6 foot fence and Condition 1B (SP No. 820030290, approved resolution) only; located on Wood Thrush Lane, approximately 1,200 feet southeast of Glen Road; Potomac

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.




*D. Approval of Minutes

Item 2 Parks Special Events Permit Program

K. Stookey/A. Girr-Borrayo

A Special Events Permit program was piloted one year ago to establish an organized process to manage third party special events that occur on park property, ensure proper care of parkland, offer suitable parks and facilities for use by the public as venues of special events in exchange for fees that will cover the costs of providing the services and personnel to support the event, and not hamper regular services, programs or activities provided to the public. Parks staff will brief the Planning Board on the findings of the past year and recommend the adoption of a formal Special Event Policy

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item *3 Site Plan Amendment Review No. 81984118A, CRI Building (Limited) - POSTPONED

M. Smith

O-M/R-90 zones; 2.58 acres; amendment add surface parking & accompanying landscape and lighting improvements, including a parking waiver & landscape strip waiver; located at the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Edson Lane and Rockville Pike; North Bethesda/Garrett Park
Item *4 Preliminary Plan and Site Plan Amendment - Gallery Park (formerly Eastside)

E. Grayson/J. Sloan


A. Preliminary Plan 12005101A; PD-11 zone; 23.82 acres; 232 one-family attached and 58 townhouse dwelling units previously approved; request for 186 one-family attached and 70 townhouse dwelling units; located on Shawnee Lane, 80 feet east of Gateway Center Drive; Clarksburg Master Plan

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

B. Site Plan Amendment Review No. 82005038A; PD-11 zone; 23.82 acres; amendment; revise lot 4 building layout, modify several existing conditions and reduce number of dwelling units from 265 to 256; located on 13000 Shawnee Lane, approximately 80 feet east Gateway Center Drive; Clarksburg
Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item *5 Preliminary Plan 119961100, The Johns Hopkins Research Campus – Extension Request

P. Butler

R&D zone; 138 acres; 1,800,000 square feet of office and R&D space previously approved; request to extend the validity of the adequate public facilities approval for 12 years; located in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Muddy Branch Road and Darnestown Road (MD 28); Shady Grove Sector Plan
Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.


Item *7

Subdivision Regulations Waiver Request - SRW 201001, Kensington Heights - TIME CHANGE

S. Smith

R-60 zone; 0.61 acres; request for a waiver of the Subdivision Regulations to permit a shared lot line between two existing lots to be modified through the minor subdivision record plat process; involves lots 18 & 19, Block 9 in the Kensington Heights subdivision located on Decatur Avenue, 85 feet northeast of Pearson Street; Kensington-Wheaton Master Plan

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item 6 Closed Session - POSTPONED

A. Davis/R. Stanley

Pursuant to Maryland State Government Code Annotated Section 10-508(a)(1) to discuss the appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation, or performance evaluation of Commission appointees, employees, or officials; or to discuss any other personnel matter that affects 1 or more specific employees