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Right of Way Maps

M-NCPPC Right of Way (ROW) Map

The M-NCPPC Right of Way (ROW) Map shows the existing ROW based off of recorded plat information. Locate an address on the map below to see if an existing interstate right of way is nearby. Enter an address in the box located in the top left corner of the map and hit enter. View the properties and Interstate Right of Way highlighted in blue on this map. Note: Some parts of the highway have not been officially created as public right of way; these areas are considered prescriptive right of way.

This countywide property layer is the result of many individual land records and is therefore for planning purposes only. Some boundaries may not be precise.

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SHA Interactive Map of Managed Lanes Study

This map was created by SHA as a tool to determine the proposed impacts from the Managed Lanes Study to property entered as instructed.

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Last Updated: April 21, 2022