About Planning Board Meetings

Please note – Agenda changes and testimony rules:

  • The Planning Board’s Agenda is subject to change and certain items may be postponed or added. For meeting updates or to view the Planning Board proceedings live on our website, visit www.montgomeryplanningboard.org.
  • The order of agenda items is for the convenience of the Planning Board schedule and in no way indicates the order in which items will be called.  If you sign up to testify before the Board, please plan to arrive at the scheduled start time for the morning, afternoon or evening session when your item is calendared.
  • The Planning Board encourages public testimony unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Refer to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information on public testimony. Any individual or organization may submit a written statement for consideration by the Planning Board.  Written comments must be received in the Chair’s office no later than 12 noon the day before the Planning Board hearing date, referencing the hearing date and item, to be reviewed by the Board and included in the official record of the hearing.  Comments should be transmitted via e-mail to MCP-Chair@mncppc-mc.org, faxed to Chair Casey Anderson at 301-495-1320, or addressed to:  Casey Anderson, Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board, 2425 Reedie Drive, 14th Floor, Wheaton, MD 20902. Written comments received within 24 hours before a hearing date will be placed in the file, but will not be considered by the Planning Board or included in the official record of the hearing.
  • Written copies of testimony or other correspondence will not be accepted or distributed at the hearing.
  • To testify in person on an agenda item, you may sign-up online, generally, 10 days prior to the hearing date. On the day of the meeting, please see the Board Assistant in the Auditorium to sign-up to testify. Where noted on the agenda, advance sign-up may be required and signing up to speak on the day of the hearing may not be permitted. Submission of written comments does not constitute signing up to speak.
  • Occasionally due to time constraints, the Planning Board may limit the total amount of time dedicated to public testimony. Public testimony is typically not permitted on reconsideration requests (as opposed to a public hearing to reconsider an item), contract awards, work sessions, briefings, and roundtable discussions.
  • You can view videotaped hearings after noon on the day following the meeting and select the item you wish to hear: www.montgomeryplanningboard.org/video
  • The Planning Board makes the final decision on any agenda items with an (*). On such matters, Maryland law and the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure prohibit any member of the public from directly contacting or communicating with Board members outside the public hearing setting. See the Outside Communications section of the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information.
  • Contact the Chair’s office via email at MCP-Chair@mncppc-mc.org or by phone, 301-495-4605, for questions about Planning Board meetings. To stay involved and informed, subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter, Parks+Plans, at www.montgomeryplanningboard.org/eletters


Last Updated: August 26, 2020