The Montgomery County Planning Board Agenda

Thursday, October 2, 2008



Last update October 1, 2008 4:30 PM

8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3760

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Please note:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, Planning Board meetings are held on Thursdays and begin at 9 a.m. The agenda is subject to change and certain items may be postponed or added.
  2. The Planning Board encourages public testimony unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Written testimony is encouraged. Refer to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information on public testimony.
  3. Occasionally due to time constraints, the Planning Board may limit the total amount of time dedicated to public testimony. Total time limits will be listed on the agenda.
  4. Sign up online or call 301-495-4600 to testify on any agenda item in advance of a hearing.
  5. Listen to the Planning Board proceedings live on our website: Or on Thursdays, call 301-495-1333 for a recorded message on the status of the agenda.
  6. The Planning Board makes the final decision on any agenda items with an (*). On such matters, Maryland law and the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure prohibit any member of the public from directly contacting or communicating with Board members outside the public hearing setting. See the Outside Communications section of the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information.

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item *1 Adoption of Opinions/Resolutions - REVISED

Group A: All Five Commissioners Eligible to Vote [Commissioners Alfandre Cryor, Hanson, Presley, and Robinson]

i) Village of Chevy Chase, Preliminary Plan No. 120080180, ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION No. 08-106

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Group B: Three Commissioners Eligible to Vote [Commissioners Cryor, Hanson and Robinson]

ii) Strawberry Knoll, Preliminary Plan No. 120061220, ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION No. 08-119

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item *2 Record Plats

Subdivision Plat No. 220081790, Sumner Park
R-60 zone; 2 lots; located on the west side of Falmouth Road at the intersection of Cammack Drive; Bethesda-Chevy Chase

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item *3 Consent Items


Item 4 Gaithersburg West Master Plan

N. Sturgeon

Status Report regarding land uses, zoning and transportation

(No public testimony will be taken at this time.)

Planning Board Action/Decision: Discussion only, no vote taken.



Item *5 Preliminary Plan No. 120070640, Goshen Hunt Hills (Resubdivision)

N. Braunstein

RE-2 zone; 11.92 acres; 2 lots requested; 2 one-family detached dwelling units; located on Woodfield Road, 100 feet north of Glendalough Road; Agricultural and Rural Open Space.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with conditions
Staff recommendation: Approve Preliminary Plan with conditions

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved with conditions.

12:00 PM LUNCH
B. Gries/C. Rubin In accordance with State Government Article, Section 10-508 (a) (3) to consider acquisition of real property for a
public purpose – Tilden Woods Stream Valley Park

C. Rubin

In accordance with State Government Article, Section 10-508(a)(14), to discuss matters directly related to the negotiation of agreements with the developer for SilverPlace

Item 15 Tilden Woods Stream Valley Park - ADDED
B. Gries

Authorization to acquire 5.69 acres, more or less, unimproved, from Mary E. Armstrong, located south of Montrose Parkway, east of Tildenwood Drive, Rockville, Maryland

Staff recommendation: Approval

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Postponed
Item 7 POSTPONED - Amendment to the FY09-14 CIP and Special Appropriation to the MNCPPC FY 09 Capital Budget: SilverPlace, Project No. 048701

P. Barney/D. Hertz

SilverPlace, a public/private partnership in which the Commission seeks replacement of its headquarters building at 8787 Georgia Avenue. The Special Appropriation funds the design and construction of the headquarters building.
Staff recommendation: Approval to transmit appropriation request to the County Executive and County Council
Item *8 Preliminary Plan No. 12002022A, Piedmont Crossing (a.k.a., Casey @ Mill Creek) (Extension and Limited Amendment)

R. Weaver

R-90 zone; 65.59 acres; 184 lots previously approved for 92 one-family detached dwelling units and 92 one-family attached dwelling units, including 23 moderately priced dwelling units


A. Extension Request: extend the validity period of the preliminary plan based upon a revised phasing schedule
Staff recommendation: Grant phased extension of the preliminary plan validity


B. Limited Amendment: 1) establish a new validity period for the adequate public facilities approval, 2) Remove a previous requirement to provide a traffic mitigation agreement; located on Amity Drive, 250 feet west of Bounding Bend Court; Shady Grove

Staff recommendation: Approve the limited amendment

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved with conditions
Item *9 Limited Site Plan Amendment No. 81986078B, Seventh Day Adventist Headquarters - REVISED

R. Kronenberg

O-M Zone, 21.55 acres; amendment to add a 2-story attached building totaling 19,234 square feet including 9,075 square-feet of cellar space and minor revisions to parking and landscaping; located at the intersection of MD 29 and Cherry Hill Road; Fairland

Staff recommendation: Approval of the Limited Amendment

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
Item *10 The Quarry, Forest Conservation Plan Amendment, No. 820050290

M. Fuster

RMX-1 Zone, 13.31 Acres, amendment to re-grade quarry walls and modify footprint of conservation easement. Located on River Road, 2000 feet west of Seven Locks Road; Potomac

Staff recommendation: Approve with conditions

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
Item 11 PAMR De Minimus

S. Etemadi

Policy Area Mobility Review (PAMR) – Payment in Lieu for Mitigation of Less Than 30 Trips.

Proposed revisions to the Planning Board’s Local Area Transportation Review / Policy Area Mobility Review (LATR) Guidelines
Staff recommendation: Approve revisions to LATR review Guidelines

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
Item 12 White Flint I Sector Plan

N. Yearwood/P. Weiss

Discussion of preliminary recommendations with the White Flint Advisory Committee

(No public testimony will be taken at this time)

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Discussion only, no vote taken
Item 13 Roundtable Discussion - REVISED

(No public testimony will be taken at this time)

A. Commissioners’ Report
B. Approval of Minutes Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved
C. Director’s Report
D. County Council Activity

E. Semi-Annual

F. Budget Overview