Thursday, January 10, 2002, 9:30 A.M.

8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD  20910-3760



The following time schedule is an estimate subject to change without notice, depending on the circumstances affecting each item.  On individual agenda items, public testimony is accepted unless otherwise noted and italics indicate staff’s recommendation for Board action.  For information about meetings in progress, call (301) 495-1333.  For other information, call 301-495-4600 or the TTY (teletypewriter used by people with hearing or speech impairments) at (301) 495-1331.  The Planning Board encourages the participation of individuals with disabilities in all its programs and services.  Meeting agendas and other planning and parks information are available on the Internet –



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9:30 a.m.


Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

Commissioners’ Reports

Directors’ Reports

Reconsideration Requests


9:45 a.m.


Transportation Policy Report, Worksession #4 – Discussion.

(Note:  No public testimony will be taken at this time.)



12:45 p.m.


GENERAL MEETING (Third Floor Conference Room)

Program Coordination, Legal, Legislation, and Administrative Items


1:20 p.m.






Hoyles Mill Diabase – South Authorization to negotiate and accept a Deed with Easement for the acquisition of a Legacy Open Space site containing 800 acres, more or less, unimproved near Boyds, Maryland, from The Trust for Public Land – Approval.



Board of Appeals Petition No. S-2503 (Special Exception) Holton Arms School, applicant, requests a special exception for a child day care (summer Camp) use; R-200/R-90 Zones; 7303 River Road, Bethesda – Approval with conditions.





Zoning Text Amendment No. 01-12 Introduced by Councilmembers Berlage, Denis and Silverman; amend the Zoning Ordinance to require residential development in the C-2 Zone pursuant to Section 59-C-4.351(b) to provide Moderately Priced Dwelling Units in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 25A – Approval.



Preliminary Plan Review No. 1-02040 – North Germantown – Parcel H; OM Zone; 1 lot (58,170 gross square feet commercial office), 1.941 acres; on the east side of Crystal Rock Drive, approximately 180 feet south of Germantown Road (MD 118); Germantown – Approval with conditions.



Site Plan Review No. 8-02012 – North Germantown, Parcel H; OM Zone; 58,170 gross square feet commercial office; on the east side of Crystal Rock Drive, approximately 180 feet south of Germantown Road (MD 118); Germantown – Approval with conditions.



Site Plan Review No. 8-02016 – Easter Seal – Silver Spring; CBD-R1 Zone; 49,680 gross square feet of senior day care, child day care, administrative offices/child day care; southeast quadrant, intersection of Spring Street and Second Avenue; Silver Spring & Vicinity – PA-36 – Approval with conditions.



Site Plan Review No. 8-02015 – Westfall/Blalock Property; R-200 Zone; 69 one-family homes, including 9 Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDU’s); on Hoyles Mill Road, 7,000 feet west of Schaeffer Road; Germantown & Vicinity – PA-19 - Approval with conditions.



Abandonment Petition AB 652 Abandonment of a portion of Blair Mill Road – Approval with conditions.



Board of Appeals Petition No. S-2477 (Special Exception for a Telecommunication Facility)AT&T Wireless Services, applicant, requests a special exception for a telecommunication facility including a 134-ft monopole, 12 antennas, and a 12’x28’ shelter; 175 acres, RDT Zone, Hawkins Creamery Road at Laytonsville Road (MD 108), LaytonsvilleApproval with conditions



Pre-Preliminary Plan Review No. 7-99050 – Brooks Property; RC Zone; 6 lots (single-family detached dwelling units); 30.1 acres; on the northern terminus of Oak Hill Road; Cloverly – No objection to the submission of preliminary plan application, dependent upon the application complying with all the provisions of chapter 50, Subdivision Regulations.



Preliminary Plan Review No. 1-02019 – Payne Farm; RE-2 Zone; 3 lots (single-family detached dwelling units); 7.3 acres; on the north side of Query Mill Road, approximately 2,700 feet east of Esworthy Road; Travilah – Approval with conditions.



Record PlatsApproval.


*Maryland law and the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure regarding ex parte (outside the record) communications require all discussion, review, and consideration of this matter take place only during the Board’s public hearing.  Telephone calls and meetings with Board members in advance of the hearing are not permitted.  Written communications will be directed to appropriate staff members for response.



Notices and Reminders



7 -

7:30 p.m.,

Legacy Open Space Advisory Group Meeting, Brookside Gardens Visitors Center, 1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton


8 -

4:30 p.m.,

Wheaton Urban District Committee Meeting, Mid-County Services Center, 2424 Reedie Drive, Wheaton


Notices and Reminders – Continued



9 -

7:15 p.m.,

East County Citizens Advisory Board Meeting, East County Community Center, 3300 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring


9 -

7:15 p.m.,

Eastern Area Recreation Advisory Board Meeting, Parkside Headquarters, 9500 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring


9 -

7:30 p.m.,

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting, MRO Auditorium


10 -

9:30 a.m.,

Montgomery County Planning Board Meeting, MRO Auditorium


10 -

9:45 a.m.,

Montgomery County Planning Board Worksession #4 on Transportation Policy Report, MRO Auditorium


10 -

7:30 p.m.,

Western Area Recreation Advisory Board Meeting, Potomac Community Center, 11315 Falls Road, Potomac


14 -

7:00 p.m.,

Silver Spring Citizen Advisory Board Meeting, Gwendolyn E. Coffield Community Center, 2450 Lyttonsville Road, Silver Spring


15 -

7:45 a.m.,

Bethesda Urban Partnership Board of Directors Meeting, 7906 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda


15 -

7:15 p.m.,

Mid-County Citizen Advisory Board Meeting, Mid-County Services Center, 2424 Reedie Drive, Wheaton


16 -

9:30 a.m.,

Full Commission Meeting, MRO Auditorium, 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring


16 -

6:30 p.m.,

Upcounty Regional Recreation Advisory Board Meeting, Seneca Creek Lodge, 14500-A Clopper Road, Boyds


16 -

7:00 p.m.,

Northern Area Recreation Advisory Board Meeting, UpCounty Services Center, 12900 Middlebrook Road, Germantown


16 -

7:00 p.m.,

Wheaton Redevelopment Steering Committee Meeting, #403, Redevelopment Office, 11501 Georgia Avenue, Wheaton


16 -

7:00 p.m.,

Community Meeting on the Proposed Access Road into Black Hill Regional Park, Seneca Creek Lodge, 14500-A Clopper Road, Boyds


17 -

9:30 a.m.,

Montgomery County Planning Board Meeting, MRO Auditorium


17 -


Montgomery County Planning Board Worksession on Forest Conservation Amendments, MRO Auditorium


17 -

4:00 p.m.,

Downtown Silver Spring Urban District Advisory Committee Meeting, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 8435 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring


21 -




22 -

7:00 p.m.,

Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board Meeting, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Services Center, Room A, 4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda


23 -

7:30 p.m.,

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting, MRO Auditorium


24 -

9:30 a.m.,

Montgomery County Planning Board Meeting, MRO Auditorium


24 -

7:30 p.m.,

Montgomery County Planning Board Worksession on Muddy Branch Stream Valley Park Trail Plan, MRO Auditorium





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To Homeowners Associations, Civic Organizations, And Garden Clubs


Increased deer populations have had a number of impacts on suburban Montgomery County.  Deer have added aesthetic value to the area, but the increasing deer population has had undesirable effects as well including damage to home landscapes and gardens, and increased risks of Lyme disease.


The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Montgomery County Cooperative Extension Office are co-sponsoring educational workshops to help homeowners cope with and minimize deer damage to their landscapes and gardens.  Workshops stress an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and provide homeowners with proven strategies to reduce deer problems. 


Workshops are 1 ½ to 2 hours in length and offered free of charge.  A minimum of 20 attendees is required.  To schedule a workshop for your Homeowners/Civic Association or Garden Club, please call the Montgomery County Cooperative Extension Office at (301) 590-2809.






Free Slide Presentation on County Parks

Now Available to Civic Groups


The Montgomery Parks Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports unmet park needs in Montgomery County, is offering a fascinating PowerPoint slide presentation on the evolution of Montgomery County’s nationally acclaimed park and open space system.


This one-half hour program features slides of the early development of Rock Creek and Sligo Creek parks, a review of the “wedges and corridors” concept that led to protecting county stream valleys and the concentration of development in certain areas, the highly successful Agricultural Reserve program, and the newest initiative for acquiring parkland and open space -- the Legacy Open Space program. 


In addition to providing an historical perspective on Montgomery County’s development, this program provides viewers with an armchair look at the breathtaking beauty and first class facilities offered in our county parks.  Volunteer projects and private-public partnerships are highlighted to demonstrate how community groups and area businesses can get involved in preserving this outstanding legacy.


For further information, call (301) 767-0002 or e-mail  The Foundation’s web site is






County Council Review of Transportation Policy Report II


January 22, 2002 – Morning


The County Council will receive a detailed report by the Montgomery County Planning Board.


February 12 and 13, 2002 – Evening


Public Forums will be held before the County Council on TPR II issues.