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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Home / March 23, 2017


REVISED: Friday, March 17, 2017 - 10:46AM
Item 1

Consent Agenda

*A. Adoption of Resolutions


1. Lois Y. Green Farm Conservation Park Final FCP SC2008018 – MCPB No. 16-069


2. Snouffer School Road North Preliminary FCP MR2014038 – MCPB No. 16-068


3. United Therapeutics APF Determination – MCPB No. 17-018

*B. Record Plats


Subdivision Plat No. 220160890, Mount Prospect
RE-2 zone, 3 lots; located at the southern terminus of McCrossin Lane; Potomac Subregion Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval


Subdivision Plat No. 220170210, Mateny Hill

RT-12.5 zone, 28 lots and 3 parcels; located on the east side of Mateny Hill Road, 230 feet north of Dawson Farm Road; Germantown Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval


Subdivision Plat No. 220170760, Chevy Chase Terrace
R-60 zone, 1 lot; located on the north side of Davidson Drive, 50 feet east of Stratford Road; Bethesda – Chevy Chase Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

*C. Other Consent Items


Topgolf – Germantown: Extension Request for Site Plan No. 820170010

Request to extend the regulatory review period by two months to May 18, 2017; to construct a 64,232 square foot building with up to 102 golf hitting bays and associated on-site restaurant, located on the east side of Century Blvd., approximately 700 feet east of the intersection with Aircraft Drive; 12.1 acres, CR2.0 C-1.5, R-1.5, H-145; Germantown Employment Area Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the Extension Request

S. Pereira

*D. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of March 9, 2017

Item 8 Approved

Outdoor Café Seating Guidelines

Presentation by Montgomery County Department of Permiting Services to discuss guidelines in the public right-of-way for outdoor café seating

Staff Recommendation: Transmit Comments to the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services

R. Kronenberg

Item *5 Approved

Schoo Residence, Preliminary Plan No. 120160250

A request to create 2 one family residential lots by resubdividing Lot 1, Block 10, McAuley Park, Plat No. 7041 and Parcel 203 on Tax Map GP122; located at 9927 Carmelita Drive in the R-200; Potomac Subregion Master Plan 2002
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions and Adoption of Resolution

D. Johnsen

Item 6 Approved

Brink Zone Reliability Improvements: MR2017006

Mandatory Referral associated with a request for WSSC Facility Improvements including a new pump station, located at 21701 Ridge Road, 15.31 acres, identified as P585 and 639 on Tax Map FV-12, on the east side of Ridge Road approximately 1,000 feet north of its intersection with Brink road, AR Zone, 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Comments

J. Penn

Item 7 Approved

Final Recreation Guidelines

Staff Recommendation: Adoption

Recreation Guidelines Final Draft

M. O’Quinn/C. McGovern/F. Boyd

Item 4


Update on Proposed FY18 Operating Budget – County Executive Recommendation

J. Kroll

11:15 am


Item 12



According to MD ANN Code, General Provisions Article, §3-305(b)(9), to consider matters that may impact collective bargaining negotiations. The topic to be discussed: Impact from the County Executive Proposed Budget

J. Kroll



Item 3


FY17 Budget Adjustment Memo – March for Year End Final

N. Steen

Item 2


Roundtable Discussion

Parks Director’s Report


Item *9


Lot 31/31A, Site Plan Amendment No. 82007018C in response to a violation

CR 2.75 C 0.5 R 2.5 H 55T Zone, 3.07 acres, Request to remove a note limiting area within public right-of-way that may be used for restaurant seating; located directly south of the intersection with Bethesda Avenue and Woodmont Avenue; Bethesda CBD Sector Plan

Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

E. Hisel-McCoy

Item 10

Briefing on the Midcounty Corridor Study Report Supplement

Staff Recommendation: N/A

S. Aldrich

Item 11

White Flint 2 Sector Plan – Worksession #5

Staff Recommendation: Discuss and provide guidance to staff.

N. Yearwood

4:20 pm