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RSS Feeds

Would you like to receive our news releases and special announcements as soon as they are available? We have an RSS feed that does just that. RSS feeds are a convenient way to receive news and content feeds. You control which feeds you subscribe to, there’s no spam, and you only download the full articles of what you want to read. Best of all, you can keep on top of several news feeds, have them updated hourly, without having to navigate to multiple webpages to check for updates.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” This is a method of notifying visitors about news in a timely manner, without having to regularly check the Web site. Basically, the software does that for you. RSS software can be set to go to Web sites and check for new information daily or even hourly. Many newspapers, magazines, news services, and more are making RSS feeds available to visitors.

How to get started

There are a number of ways to access RSS feeds, many of them free. You can install a newsreader that displays RSS feeds from the Web sites you select, enabling you to view hundreds of headlines at once. After installing the news reader, you can add each feed from the Web site by clicking on the “Subscribe” or the “RSS” orange button next to the feed. An alternative to downloading a dedicated news reader is to use a Web-based or phoner/tablet-based news reader.

Below is a list of some of the free RSS Readers currently available (M-NCPPC does not endorse one particular reader over another.)

You can also view our feeds online: