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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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REVISED: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 4:14PM
9:00 am


Item 1

Preliminary Matters

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

1. Diener School Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan CU-23-06 – MCPB No. 23-037

2. Sandy Spring Meadow Preliminary Plan Amendment 11982092A – MCPB No. 23-046

3. Sandy Spring Meadow Site Plan Amendment 81982092A – MCPB No. 23-046

4. Wheaton Regional Park FCP F20230090 – MCPB No. 23-055

5. Clarksburg Chase Pre-Preliminary Plan 720230020 – MCPB No. 23-056

6.  Sandy Spring Missing Middle Pilot Project, Preliminary Plan/Final Forest Conservation Plan No. 120220050 – MCPB No. 23-047

7. Sandy Spring Missing Middle Pilot Project Site Plan No. 820220090 – MCPB No. 23-048

*B. Approval of Minutes

  1.  Minutes of April 27, 2023
  2. Closed Session Minutes for April 27, 2023

*C. Other Preliminary Matters

Selection of Vice Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board

Adoption of Corrected Resolution for Grand Park Development Site Plan Amendment 82022004A – MCPB No. 23-054

Item 2

Record Plats (Public Hearing)

Subdivision Plat No. 220200940, Woodmont
CR zone; 1 lot; located on the west side of Wisconsin Avenue (MD 355),150 feet south of Cordell Avenue; Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Item 3

Regulatory Extension Requests (Public Hearing)

Item 4

Roundtable Discussion

Planning Director’s Report


Item 5

Evolution Labs North Bethesda: Sketch Plan Amendment No. 32013001A, Preliminary Plan No. 12015001B, and Site Plan No. 82015001B (Public Hearing)

CR-3.0, C-1.5, R-2.5, H-70 and CR-4.0, C-2.0, R-3.5, H-250; 5.11 acres; located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Banneker Avenue; 2010 White Flint Sector Plan.

A. Sketch Plan Amendment: Request to establish conceptual massing, conceptual access points, and the Public Benefit schedule for the proposed development of up to 150 feet in height comprised of up to 709,396 square feet of Research and Development use.

B. Preliminary Plan Amendment: Request for up to 709,396 square feet of Research and Development use, adjust lot lines, and establish street grid.

C. Site Plan Amendment: Request for approval of Phase 1 development, including up to 236,466 square feet of Research and Development use in Building A, with a maximum height of 150-feet, and 692 parking spaces in a stand-alone structured parking garage.

Staff recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Item 5 – DOT Updated Approval Letter for Evolution Labs

P. Smith/T. Leftwich

Item 6

Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) 23-04 and Bill 22-23, Residential Uses – Short-Term Residential Rental (Public Hearing)

Bill 22-23 reassigns enforcement of Short-Term Residential Rentals to the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, increases penalties for violations, amends the application and renewal process, and clarifies the process for challenges, suspensions, revocations, and appeals.

ZTA 23-04 modifies the use standards for Short-Term Residential Rentals to remove owner-authorized residents as allowable applicants and to cap the total number of guests at 6 regardless of age.
Staff Recommendation: Transmit comments to the District Council on Bill 22-23 and ZTA 23-04

B. Berbert

Item 7

Poplar Grove, Preliminary Plan Amendment No. 12019004B (Public Hearing)

Application to amend Conditions 2, 14, and 15 to extend the Preliminary Plan validity period by 3.5 years to match the existing APF validity period, adjust the validity period phasing schedule, and add a new Condition 33 to incorporate a cemetery maintenance agreement; located on the east side of Century Boulevard, between Father Hurley Boulevard and the future Dorsey Mill Road; 27.15 acres; CR-2.0, C-1.75, R-1.0, H-145T zone and Germantown Transit Mixed-Use Overlay Zone; 2009 Germantown Employment Area Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Item 7 – Additional Correspondence

J. Server/S. Pereira

Item 8

Park Potomac (Public Hearing)

A. Preliminary Plan Amendment No. 12003029B :Request to create one lot from two platted parcels for a 307-unit multi-family building (including 12.5% MPDU), comply with trip cap and Adequate Public Facilities requirements, and modify previously approved 2016 trip reduction agreement; CRT-1.25, C-0.5, R-0.75, H100T zone; 54.84 acres; located on Park Potomac Ave. approximately 290 feet north of Montrose Road; 2002 Potomac Subregion Master Plan.

B. Site Plan No. 820230030: Request to construct a new 307-unit multi-family building (including 12.5% MPDU) and improvements to open space around existing stormwater management facility; CRT-1.25, C-0.5, R-0.75, H100T zone; 4.2 5.7 acres; located on Park Potomac Ave. approximately 290 feet north of Montrose Road; 2002 Potomac Subregion Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Item 8 – Attachment

Item 8 – Additional Correspondence

R. Sigworth/P. Estes/S. Pereira

Item 9


Fairland and Briggs Chaney Master Plan Work Session #3

Staff Recommendation: Discuss testimony received on Fairland and Briggs Chaney Master Plan during the public comment period and at the Public Hearing and provide direction to staff for revisions to the plan. The Planning Board may choose to continue discussion of plan revisions at additional work sessions.

C. Larson/M. Jackson