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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Home / December 6, 2018


REVISED: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 2:21PM
Item 1

Consent Agenda

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

*B. Record Plats

Subdivision Plat No. 220180140, Deer Woods Manor
R-200 zone, 6 lots, 4 outlots; located on the north side of Riffle Ford Road at the intersection of Hallman Court; Potomac Subregion Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220180940, Friends House
2 Ownership Units within an existing recorded parcel; located in the area east of the intersection of Norwood Road (MD – 182) and the intersection of Dr Bird Road; Sandy Spring- Ashton Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

*C. Other Consent Items


Fairchild Apartments: Site Plan No. 820180220 – Regulatory Review Extension Request No. 1

Request for a two month extension to the regulatory review of a site plan, which proposes a new multi-family residential building 203,102 square feet in size with 212 multi-family dwelling units, and to retain 20,933 square feet of existing commercial restaurant uses in three one-story buildings; located on the south side of Century Blvd, approximately 150 feet east of the intersection with Aircraft Drive; 5.49 acres, CR 2.0, C-1.5 R-1.5 H-145T and Germantown Transit Mixed Use Overlay Zone; 2009 Germantown Employment Area Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the extension request

B. Berbert

Long Branch Corner, Preliminary Plan No. 120180090

CRT 2.5 C 0.5 R 2.5 H 60 zone, 0.67 acres, Request extension of review period for one lot for a maximum of 6,921 square feet of new non-residential development, and a waiver of the required number of parking spaces; located at the northwest quadrant of the intersection with University Boulevard East and Piney Branch Road; 2013 Approved and Adopted Long Branch Sector Plan.
Staff Recommendation: Approval of Extension

M. Folden 

*D. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of November 15, 2018

Item 2

Roundtable Discussion

Planning Director’s Report

Item 3

Aspen Hill Vision Zero Study and Zoning Analysis – Scope of Work

Staff Recommendation: Approve Scope of Work

M. Hill 

Item 4

Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan- Design Guidelines, Planning Board Briefing

Overview of the Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan Design Guidelines concepts and work program.
Staff Recommendation: Provide Guidance



L. Shipman

Item 7


Adoption of Resolutions: Technical Update to the Master Plan of Highways & Transitways and the Bicycle Master Plan

Staff Recommendation: Approve the Resolutions of Adoption for Transmission to the Full Commission

ATTACHMENT 1 MP of Highways Full Commission Resolution and BMP Full Commission Resolution

ATTACHMENT 2 MP of Highways County Council Resolution and BMP County Council Resolution

S. Aldrich/D. Anspacher

Item 5


Enforcement Hearing: Montgomery County Planning Department v. Christopher J. Erb

N. Dumais

11:40 am


12:40 pm


Item 6

Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan, Preliminary Recommendations

Staff Recommendation: Request Direction from the Planning Board

M. Williams

2:40 pm