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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Home / December 9, 2021


REVISED: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 3:10PM
9:30 am


Item 1

Consent Agenda

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

1. 2710 Washington Avenue Subdivision Plan 620190130 – MCPB No. 21-087

*B. Record Plats

*C. Other Consent Items

Bethesda Downtown Plan Implementation Advisory Committee Reappointment of Members

S. Dickel

8800 Brookville Road, Preliminary Plan No. 120190130, Extension Request No. 4

Fourth request to extend review period, from December 30, 2021 to December 29, 2022, to create a single recorded lot from an unrecorded parcel with no new development proposed, located at 8800 Brookville Road, IM 2.5 H 50 Zone on 9.93 acres in the 2017 Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan.
Staff Recommendation: Approval of Extension

S. Dickel

Rock Spring Centre, Preliminary Plan Amendment No.11998092C, Regulatory Extension Request #5; Site Plan Amendment Nos. 82003036C, 82004017C, 82009003A, Regulatory Extension Request #3

Request to extend the regulatory review period until March 24, 2022; for up to 1,049,900 square feet of non-residential and up to 1,250 dwelling units; located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Rock Spring Drive, Bethesda; on approximately 53.4 acres of land zoned CR-1.5, C-0.75, R-1.0, H-275 and CR-1.5, C-0.75, R-0.75, H-275 zone (but reviewed under the standards of the MXPD Zone in the Zoning Ordinance in effect prior to October 30, 2014); within the 2018 Rock Spring Master Plan area.
Staff Recommendation: Approval of the Extension Request

E. Tettelbaum

Remembrance Park, Preliminary Plan No. 120210150 – Regulatory Review Extension Request No. 3

Request to extend the regulatory review period from December 15, 2021 until March 10, 2022: An Application to create one lot for a Cemetery as a Conditional Use (pending application CU-21-06 Reflection Park). Located at 16621 New Hampshire Avenue (MD 650), on the east side of MD 650, approximately 2,800 feet north of Spencerville Road (MD 198) and approximately 2,600 feet south of Ednor Road in Silver Spring; RC Zone, 40.39 acres, 1997 Cloverly Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the extension request

J. Casey

*D. Approval of Minutes

Item 2


Roundtable Discussion

Parks Director’s Report


Item 3

Fee Increase Request FY22/23 – Montgomery Parks

Approval for fee increases with Enterprise, Nature Centers, and Park Permits to support rising costs of facilities and program operations.

Staff Recommendation: Fee Increase

ATTACHMENT 1 – Park Permits Memo

ATTACHMENT 2 – Enterprise and HFEE Memo


C. Turnbull/D. Vismara/K. Williams

Item 5

Introductory Briefing: Community Equity Index Analysis

P. Zorich/B. Kraft/J. Mukherjee

Item 6

Attainable Housing Strategies – Work session

Planning Board work session on the Attainable Housing Strategies initiative and recommendations to the County Council on adding more diverse housing options in Montgomery County
Staff Recommendation: Work session

ATTACHMENT: Draft Attainable Housing Strategies Final Report

L. Govoni

Item *7

King Souder Property, Site Plan No. 820210170

Request to construct sixty-two (62) lots for Townhouse Living units including 25% MPDUs with associated public street, private alleys, open space, and amenities; located along Ridge Road (MD 27) approximately 475 feet north of Bethesda Church Road; 9.06 acres; CRT-1.0, C-0.5, R-0.5, H-55T with TDR 1.16 Overlay Zone; 2006 Damascus Master Plan.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions and Adoptions

R. Sigworth

Item 9


2022 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan – Planning Board Briefing

Staff Recommendation: Review of Draft PROS Plan to be transmitted to the Department of Natural Resources review

ATTACHMENT 1: The 2022 LPPRP Guidelines

ATTACHMENT 2: The 2022 PROS Plan Draft

ATTACHMENT 3: The 2022 PROS Appendices Draft

ATTACHMENT 4: The 2022 PROS Appendix A – Full Survey Result

D. Flusche/H. Garland

Item 10


Legislative Update

ATTACHMENT 1 – PG/MC 107-22 with 2020 Position Paper

ATTACHMENT 2 – PG/MC 100-22 Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Montgomery County – County Council and District Council – Voting Thresholds

ATTACHMENT 3 – PG/MC 101-22 Montgomery County Planning Board Open Meetings – Video and Audio Streaming and Minutes

ATTACHMENT 4 – PG/MC 103-22 Bicounty Commissions – Ethics – Certification of Compliance


1:20 pm


2:30 pm


Item 8

Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan Work Session #1

First Planning Board work session for the Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan. Topics to be discussed include Parks, Historic Resources, Environment and Schools.

ATTACHMENT- Summary of Public Comment

SUPPLEMENTAL ATTACHMENTSSDAC Public Comment Summary through 12-7


A. Margolies

5:20 pm


6:30 pm


Item 4

Corridor Forward: The I-270 Transit Plan Public Hearing

The Planning Board will receive testimony on the Public Hearing Draft of Corridor Forward: the I-270 Transit Plan


P. Reed/J. McGowan

8:30 pm



Planning Board Seeks Public Comments on Seven
Administrative Sewer and Water Category Change Requests

The Planning Board will hear testimony and consider recommendations for the water and sewer category change requests (WSSCR) listed below on Thursday December 23, 2021. The applications request that community water and/or sewer service be extended to these properties.

A public hearing for these administrative cases will be facilitated via telephone conference on January 5, 2022 at 1:00 pm by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Planning Board recommendations for these cases will be presented to the County Executive before final decision.

 Case Number

Applicant/Owner and Property Location

Master Plan Area


AC Electric, LLC

17725 Norwood Road



James Lehman

17820 New Hampshire Avenue



Paul Perez

24551 Woodfield Road



Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

9700 Block of Woodfield Road



Barry and Teri Brake

11000 Block of Locust Drive



Frederick & Jacqueline Kruhm

15000 Block of Kruhm Road



Jose Carrillo

12717 Maidens Bower Drive


The staff report for the water and sewer category change request will be posted on the Planning Board’s website one week prior to the meeting: Contact Katherine Nelson at 301-495-4622 or
See also DEP’s website or call 240-777-7700.

Written comments are also welcomed if submitted at least 24 hours prior to the Planning Board Hearing. Emails or letter may be sent to:
Chair, Casey Anderson
Montgomery County Planning Board
2425 Reedie Drive 14th Floor
Wheaton, MD 20902