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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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REVISED: Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 9:16AM
9:00 am


Item 1

Preliminary Matters

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

1. Corso Chevy Chase Preliminary Plan 120240020, MCPB No. 24-013

2. Corso Chevy Chase Site Plan 820240030, MCPB No. 24-014

3. Corso Chevy Chase Forest Conservation Plan F20240110, MCPB No. 24-015

*B. Approval of Minutes

*C. Other Preliminary Matters

Item 2

Record Plats (Public Hearing)

Subdivision Plat No. 220221080 thru 220221120, Bloom Montgomery Village
TLD zone; 57 lots & 16 parcels; located at the western terminus of Stewartown Road, Montgomery Village Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220230060, Joseph’s Park
CRT zone; 1 lot; located in the southeastern quadrant of the intersection of Connecticut Avenue (MD 185) and Plyers Mill Road (MD 192), Kensington Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220240100 thru 220240130, Westwood Square
CRT zone, 71 lots, 9 parcels; located on the west side of Westbard Avenue, 2,200 feet north of Massachusetts Avenue (MD 396); Westbard Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220240430, Creekside at Cabin Branch
RNC zone, 27 lots, 1 parcel; located on the north side of Dowitcher Way, approximately 1,700 feet west of Clarksburg Road (MD 121); Clarksburg Ten Mile Creek Amendment Area.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Item 3

Regulatory Extension Requests (Public Hearing)

504 East Randolph Road Site Plan Amendment No. 82002017A Extension Request No. 2

Request to extend the regulatory review period for the Site Plan Amendment for 3 months, from February 17, 2024, to May 1718, 2024; the Application proposes to add additional drive-thru lanes and improve the surface parking lot for the existing McDonalds; on approximately 1.20 acres (51,950 sq. ft.) of land zoned NR-0.75 H-45; located on E. Randolph Road, 75 feet east from the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue; within the 2014 White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan.

Staff recommendation: Approval of the extension request

T. Leftwich

Item 4

Roundtable Discussion

Planning Director’s Report


Item 5

Amalyn (WMAL Bethesda), Forest Conservation Plan No. F20230270 (Public Hearing)

Request to amend the Final Forest Conservation Plan associated with Site Plan No. 82017017B; The Applications propose to change the location of the noise wall, requiring additional forest clearing and specimen tree impacts; On approximately 74.83 acres zoned R-90; Within the 1992 North Bethesda/Garrett Park Master Plan area.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Item 5 – Additional Correspondence

A. Lindsey

Item 6

12500 Ardennes (Public Hearing)

Located at the intersection of Ardennes Avenue and Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville; 1.73-acre tract; CR-2.0, C-1.5, R-2.0, H-145T Zone; 2009 Twinbrook Sector Plan.

A. Sketch Plan Amendment 32018020A
Request to modify the type of affordable units, public benefit categories, architecture, site design, layout, and minimum public open space for up to 198,718 square-feet of residential density.

B. Site Plan 820240060
Request for approval to construct a 198,718 square-foot multifamily building with up to 213 units including a minimum of 25% MPDUs.

C. Forest Conservation Plan F20240250
Request for approval of a final forest conservation plan to remove one specimen tree and satisfy the afforestation requirement for Site Plan 820240060.

Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Item 6 – Attachment A – Sketch Site and Forest Conservation Plans

Item 6 – Attachment B – Prior Approvals

Item 6 – Attachment C – Agency Letters

Item 6 –  Attachment D – Affidavit Regarding Community Meeting and Meeting Minutes

E. Tettelbaum

Item 7

Briefing: Demographic Profile of the Black Population in Montgomery County

L. Savonis/J. Lee

Item 10

Review of County Executive’s FY25 Capital Budget and FY25-30 CIP – Schools (MCPS)

Review of the schools elements of the County Executive’s Recommended FY 25 Capital Budget and FY25-FY30 Capital Improvements Program (CIP)
Staff Recommendation: Transmit Comments to County Council

Item 10 – Attachment 1: Montgomery Planning Staff Comments on School Capital Projects in the Board of Education’s Request of MCPS’ FY25-30 Capital Improvement Program

Item 10 – Attachment 2: Board of Education’s Requested FY25-30 CIP for Individual School Capital Projects by Project Status

Item 10 – Attachment 3: MOU between MCPS and M-NCPPC Regarding Respective Planning Processes

H. Baek

Item 9

2024 Growth and Infrastructure Policy Update – Growth Status and Trends

Briefing: The County Council is required to adopt the 2024-2028 Growth and Infrastructure Policy (GIP) by November 15, 2024. As part of this update to the GIP, Planning Department staff is analyzing the County’s current growth context, including recent demographic and housing trends, forecasted trends in population, households, and employment, and key drivers of these trends, which will inform recommendations to policy revisions. This briefing will provide an overview of the County’s current growth context for the current GIP update.
Staff recommendation: Brief the Planning Board

Item 9 – Presentation to the Planning Board

J.Lee/L.Govoni/D. Buckley

12:00 pm


2:30 pm


Item 8

Attainable Housing Strategies Initiative

Briefing: In March 2021, the County Council requested the Planning Board consider and recommend “zoning reforms that would allow greater opportunities for Missing Middle housing in Montgomery County.” Attainable Housing Strategies is the resulting effort, through which a prior Planning Board prepared recommendations to allow the development of more diverse types of housing, including Missing Middle Housing, in Montgomery County. Staff will brief the Planning Board on the recommendations and seek guidance on next steps.

Item 8 – Attachment A: DRAFT Attainable Housing Strategies Report with markup from the previous Planning Board

L. Govoni/B. Berbert

4:00 pm



Planning Board Seeks Public Comments on
Sewer and Water Category Change Requests

The Planning Board will hear testimony and consider recommendations for the Water and Sewer Category Change Requests (WSSCR) listed below on Thursday, February 29, 2024. The applications request that community water and/or sewer service be extended to these properties.

A public hearing for these cases will take place on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at 1:30 pm before the County Council. Planning Board recommendations for these cases will be presented to the Council at that hearing.

 Case Number

Applicant/Owner and Property Location

Master Plan Area


Dmitry Krylov and Irina Mikhailenko

9504 Watts Branch Dr., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


Josh Cook

2 Foxden Ct., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


Honrato and Rosvida Nicodemus

13110 Foxden Dr., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


John and Andrea Gerold

13413 and 13409 Ridge Dr., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


Adebowale Ajomale

13409 Glen Mill Rd., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


Hurst, Ennis, Johnson and Blackman

13741 and 13751 Travilah Rd., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


Paul Sarkides

5904 Muncaster Mill Rd., Rockville

Upper Rock Creek


Iglesia De Cristo Mi-El Maryland, Inc.

17521 Old Baltimore Rd., Olney



Michael and Denise Sinay

13205 Carriage Ct., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


Nirmala Rao

13201 Carriage Ct., Rockville

Potomac Subregion


William Reinhold

13209 Carriage Ct., Rockville

Potomac Subregion

The staff report for the water and sewer category change request will be posted on the Planning Board’s website one week prior to the meeting: Contact Jamey Pratt at 301-495-4588 or
See also DEP’s website or call 240-777-7700.

Written comments are also welcomed if submitted at least 24 hours prior to the Planning Board Hearing. Emails or letter may be sent to:
Chair Artie Harris
Montgomery County Planning Board
2425 Reedie Drive 14th Floor
Wheaton, MD 20902