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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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REVISED: Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 3:31PM
9:00 am


Item 1

Consent Agenda

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

1. 4 Bethesda Metro Sketch Plan 32018011A – MCPB No. 21-135

2. Seneca Farms Site Plan 820210150 – MCPB No. 21-131

*B. Record Plats

Subdivision Plat No. 220121530, Manor Oaks
RNC zone; 1 lot; located on the east side of Old Baltimore Road, 650 feet north of Lindenwood Drive; Olney Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220200800, Chevy Chase Gardens
R-60 zone; 1 lot; located on the south side of Hunt Avenue, 200 feet west of Stratford Road; Bethesda-Chevy Chase Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220210040, Woodside Park
CR zone; 1 lot; located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Spring Street and Georgia Avenue (MD 97); Silver Spring CBD Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

*C. Other Consent Items

Hammer Hill, Preliminary Plan No. 120210180 and Site Plan No. 820210090 – Regulatory Review Extension Request No. 2

Request to extend the regulatory review period from January 20, 2022 to July 21, 2022: Application to create one (1) lot for a Daycare Center (Over 30 persons) and a Clinic (Up to 4 Medical Practitioners) and to construct a 13,600 square foot Daycare Center (Over 30 persons) with associated appurtenances; located at 23310 Frederick Road; 2.83 acres; CRT-0.5 C-0.5 R-0.5 H-45 and Clarksburg East Environmental Overlay Zone; 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan and Hyattstown Special Study Area; 2014 Clarksburg Ten Mile Creek Area Limited Amendment.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the Extension

R. Sigworth

*D. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of December 9, 2021

Item 2

Roundtable Discussion

Planning Parks Director’s Report


Item *3

Clarksburg Town Center, Preliminary Plan No. 11995042D and Site Plan No. 82007022H

Amendments to convert the originally approved 24 manor home condominium units, including 8 MPDUs, within 2 buildings, on Block M, Parcel A and Block S, Parcel C to 12 rear-loaded townhouse dwelling units, including 7 MPDUs; Located at the northeast and southeast quadrants of the intersection of Cabin Branch Avenue and Burdette Forest Road; RMX-2 zone; 0.56 acres; 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan & Hyattstown Special Study Area.

Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

J. Server

Item 4

ZTA 21-10 Accessory Structures – Use Standards

ZTA 21-10 clarifies the provisions that limit the maximum footprint for accessory buildings on lots in the Agricultural, Rural Residential, and Residential Detached zones to make it clear the cumulative footprint of all accessory structures may not exceed 50% of the principal building, or 600 square feet, whichever is greater
Staff Recommendation: Transmit Comments to County Council.
(Action required for County Council public hearing of 01/18/2022)

B. Berbert

Item 5

Mandatory Referral (MR2022009) for the construction of additions to William Tyler Page Elementary School, 13400 Tamarack Road, Silver Spring, MD.

Staff Recommendation: Transmit comments to Montgomery County Public Schools.





J. McVary

Item *6

4901 Battery Lane Sketch Plan No. 320220040

CR 1.5 C 0.5 R 1.5 H 120’ and Bethesda Overlay Zones, 2.12 acres; Request for up to 420,528 square feet of density for a multifamily development with 15% MPDUs, including up to 281,874 281,865 square feet of BOZ density and associated PIP payment; located on the north side of Battery Lane approximately 450 feet west of Woodmont Avenue; 2017 Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions


G. Bogdan

Item 7

Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan Work Session 4

ATTACHMENT 1 – Summary of revisions to the Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Public Hearing Draft

ATTACHMENT 2 – Public comments received after the closing of the public record on December 7, 2021

SUPPLEMENT 1 – Revisions to Parks section text

SUPPLEMENT 2 – Revisions to Transportation section text


A. Margolies

2:25 pm