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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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REVISED: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 3:13PM


Item 1

Consent Agenda

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

*B. Record Plats



Subdivision Plat No. 220180380, E. Brooke Lee’s 2nd Addition to Silver Spring
CR zone; 1 lot; located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Apple Avenue and Second Avenue; Silver Spring CBD Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval


Subdivision Plat No. 220190640, Knowles Estates
CRT zone; 1 lot; located in the western quadrant of the intersection of St. Paul Street and Metropolitan Avenue (Md -192); Kensington Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

*C. Other Consent Items


Removed from Consent Agenda. Moved to regular agenda, Item 8.

Bloom Montgomery Village, Site Plan No. 82017013A

Request to make minor modifications to final locations of infrastructure and stormwater management facilities per permit review by County Agencies and Utility Companies; increase the number of moderately priced dwelling units provided throughout the site plan area to 25 percent, including new MPDU locations in Area 5; identify the conservation easement areas in Area 6 to meet Phase 1 afforestation requirements; and make minor revisions to proposed landscape elements per updated architecture, permit review, and utility company requirements; located at the intersection of Montgomery Village Avenue and Stewartown Road, Montgomery Village; on approximately 147 acres of land zoned TLD and CRN; within the 2016 Montgomery Village Master Plan area.

Staff Recommendation: Approval and Adoption of Resolutions

P. Smith


Kiddie Academy, Extension Request No. 1, Preliminary Plan Amendment 12001077A

CR-1.5 C-1.0 R-1.5 H-60 T zone, 0.59 acres. First request to extend review period, from October 17, 2019 to December 19, 2019, proposal to change the existing veterinary clinic use to a daycare facility for up to 191 children; located on Sligo Avenue, 100 feet northeast of Fenton Street; 2000 Silver Spring CBD Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

S. Dickel M. Fuster

*D. Approval of Minutes


Minutes of October 3, 2019

Item 2


Roundtable Discussion

Planning Director’s Report


Item 8


Bloom Montgomery Village, Site Plan No. 82017013A

P. Smith

Item 3


Maryland Department of Planning presentation on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) tools and work plan

R. Kronenberg

Item 4 Approved

Zoning Text Amendment No. 19-06: Vape Shops, Bill 29-19/Bill 31-19/Bill 32-19: Health and Sanitation – Electronic Cigarettes – Distribution, Use, and Possession/Flavored Electroni Cigarettes

ZTA 19-06 amends the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance add Vape Shop as a use allowed in certain zones; and establish the standards for a Vape Shop. Bill 29-19 is an Act to prohibit an electronic smoking devices manufacturer from distributing electronic cigarettes to retail stores within a certain distance of certain schools; and generally amend County law regarding smoking, electronic cigarettes, and health and sanitation.   Bill 31-19 would prohibit the distribution of any tobacco product, coupon redeemable for a tobacco product, cigarette rolling paper, or electronic cigarette to any individual under 21 except under certain circumstances. It would also prohibit an individual under 21 from using or possessing a tobacco product or electronic cigarette except under certain circumstances. Bill 32-19 would prohibit an electronic smoking devices manufacturer from distributing flavored electronic cigarettes to certain retail stores.

Staff Recommendation: Transmit Comments to County Council
(Action required for County Council public hearing of 11/5/19)

G. Russ

Item 6


Briefing on Quarterly Economic Indicators Factsheets

C. Blackford

Item 7


Briefing on Bill 27-19


Item 5


FY21 Operating Budget Discussion

Planning, Commissioners’ Office, and CAS

G. Wright/J. Kroll/J. Garcia

4:05 pm



Department of Permitting Services
Division of Land Development Services
has received a

Bowie Mill Road Bikeway

This project area is a 3.3 mile bikeway located between Olney Laytonsville Road (MD 108) and Muncaster Mill Road (MD 115). The proposed plan is for an eight to ten foot wide shared use path between these two roads and providing connectivity to the Needwood Road Bike Path. The site is in the Upper Rock Creek Special Protection Area.

If you wish to request a public information meeting, a written request must be submitted to this office within 15 days of this notice (Notice posted 10/4/2019).

The Water Quality Plans are available for review at the Department of Permitting Services office during working hours (8:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday).

For further information, please call Leo Galanko at (240) 777-6242. The address for the Department of Permitting Services is:

Department of Permitting Services
Land Development Services, Water Resources
255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850