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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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REVISED: Wednesday, October 11, 2023 - 2:55PM
9:00 am


Item 1

Preliminary Matters

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

*B. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of September 28 and September 29, 2023

Closed session minutes of September 29, 2023

*C. Other Preliminary Matters

Corrected MCPB Resolution No. 23-025, Administrative Subdivision No. 620230030, Larsen Property

A. Duprey

Request for Reconsideration Filed by Landow & Co: 7126 Wisconsin Avenue, Sketch Plan Amendment No. 32019003A, Preliminary Plan No. 120230020, and Site Plan No. 820230020 (Hearing Date: September 14, 2023)

Item 1C – Additional Correspondence: Response from WireGill, LLP

Item 2

Record Plats (Public Hearing)

Subdivision Plat No. 220240050, Creekside at Cabin Branch
RNC zone; 11 lots, located on the west side of Clarksburg Road (MD 121), opposite Dowitcher Way; Clarksburg Ten Mile Creek Amendment Area.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220230710, Horizon Hill
RE-2 zone; 1 lot; located on the south side of Red Barn Lane, approximately 3,000 feet west of Glen Mill Road; Potomac Subregion 2002 Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Item 3

Regulatory Extension Requests (Public Hearing)


Loehmann’s Plaza: Extension Request for Sketch Plan No. 320230050
Applicant: Rosenfeld Investment, LLC

Applicant’s second request to extend the regulatory review from October 26, 2023 through November 30, 2023.

A. Sketch Plan No. 320230050
Proposed infill development with up to 710,000 square feet of residential uses and up to 40,000 square feet of commercial uses for a cumulative density of up to 750,000 square feet of mixed-use development, with 15% Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs), open space, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and associated public benefits to support incentive density; The Overall Site is an existing strip shopping center with surface parking and a pad site on 9.74-acres of land; Located at 5200 Randolph Road at the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Randolph Road with Parklawn Drive and west of Putnam Road; Commercial Residential (CR–1.75, C–0.5, R–1.5, H–75) Zone; within the Randolph Hills District of the 2018 White Flint II Sector Plan area.

Staff Recommendation: Approve the Extension Request for 30 days through November 30th.

T. Graham

Decoverly Hall, Regulatory Extension Request No. 2

Request to extend the regulatory review period from September 21, 2023 to January 21, 2024; The Applications propose to increase the approved density from 105,000 square feet to 165,000 square feet on Parcel KK and revise the landscape and hardscape of Parcels LL, Z, and BB; On approximately 38.62 acres zoned EOF 1.5, H-75; Within the 2021 Great Seneca Science Corridor Minor Master Plan area.
A. Preliminary Plan No. 11985245C
B. Site Plan No. 81988015G
C. Forest Conservation Plan F20230070

A. Lindsey

Retail Shops – 15504 New Hampshire Avenue, Preliminary Plan Amendment No. 11999100B, Regulatory Review Extension Request No. 1

Request to extend the regulatory review period by two months until December 21, 2023. Application to amend a Preliminary Plan to allow a new 7,063 square foot commercial retail building; 15504 New Hampshire Avenue Cloverly; NR-0.75 H-45 zone, 1997 Cloverly Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the extension request

P. Estes

Item 4

Roundtable Discussion

Planning Director’s Report

Hispanic Population Profile of Montgomery County, released October 2023

Item 5

Redland Road Bridge over Mill Creek #M-0056 Replacement Mandatory Referral (Public Hearing)

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation proposes to replace an existing bridge on Redland Road over Mill Creek to provide a wider structure to accommodate two travel lanes plus a future master-planned sidepath. The new bridge will be more adequately sized for both transportation capacity on Redland Road and hydraulic capacity below the structure across Mill Creek.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Comments

Item 5 – Attachment A: Redland Road Design Plans

Item 5 – Attachment B: June 7, 2023 Public hearing presentation slides

Item 5 – Attachment C: June 7, 2023 Public hearing transcript and online comment summary

S. Aldrich

Item 6

BOZ Briefing Follow-up (Public Testimony Accepted)

Staff Recommendation: Brief the Planning Board

Item 6: Attachment – BOZ Planning Board Briefing Presentation

Item 6: Additional Correspondence

E. Hisel-McCoy

11:55 am


1:00 pm


Item 7


Reforest Montgomery Program Briefing

Staff Recommendation: Brief the Planning Board

K. Taddei/M. Rothberg

Item 8

Briefing on Neighborhood Change in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Staff Recommendation: Brief the Planning Board

B. Kraft

Item 9

2115 East Jefferson Street, Preliminary Plan Application No. 120230100, Site Plan Application No. 820230080 & Forest Conservation Plan No. F20230220 (Public Hearing)

CR 1.5, C-1.5, R-1.0, H-100; located on East Jefferson Street 340 feet South of Josiah Henson Parkway; within the 2018 White Flint 2 Sector Plan area.

A. Preliminary Plan: Request to subdivide one lot into 86 townhouse lots, create new HOA parcels, and Private Road Parcels; for up to 245,000 square feet of residential uses (including 15% MPDUs).

B. Site Plan: Request to demolish the existing vacant office and create 86 new townhouse (including 13 MPDUs). Established the 100 ft buffer conservation easement and provide 19% of total Common Open Space; and provide the final determination of Public Benefit Points. The overall density is 0.98 FAR for a total of 245,000 sq. ft. of residential uses; on approximately 5.49 acres.

C. Forest Conservation Plan includes a total net tract area of 5.492 acres and 1.26 acres of off-site disturbance for a total of 6.75 acres.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of with Conditions

T. Leftwich

Item 10

Dreamy Skies Dog Ranch and Training: Conditional Use No. CU202401 (Public Hearing)

Request to transmit comments to the Hearing Examiner on a proposed Conditional Use for an Animal Boarding and Care pursuant to the 2014 Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance Sections (Specific Conditions) and (General Conditions) at 26330 Mullinix Mill Road, Mt. Airy; 4.42 acres; AR Zone; Damascus Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval to transmit comments to the Hearings Examiner

M. Beall

2:45 pm