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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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REVISED: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - 2:22PM
9:00 am


Item 1

Preliminary Matters

*A. Adoption of Resolutions

1. Takoma Junction Preliminary Plan 120190150 – MCPB No. 21-102

2. Takoma Junction Site Plan 820190090 – MCPB No. 21-103

*B. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of January 27, February 3, 17 and 24, 2022

*C. Other Preliminary Matters

Adoption of Resolution for Appointment of Erin White as a public member of the M-NCPPC Audit Committee MCPB No. 22-030

Item 3

Record Plats (Public Hearing)

Subdivision Plat No. 220220050 & 220220220, Lucky Duck Farm
AR zone; 9 lots; located on the north side of Whites Ferry Road (MD 107), approximately 3,200 feet east of Wasche Road; Agriculture and Rural Open Space Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Subdivision Plat No. 220220240, Chevy Chase Lake
CRT zone; 1 lot; located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Manor Road and Connecticut Avenue (MD 185); Chevy Chase Lake Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

Item 4

Regulatory Extension Requests (Public Hearing)

Lot 23 Willerburn Acres: Administrative Subdivision Plan No. 620220010, Regulatory Review Extension Request No. 1

Request to extend the regulatory review period for an additional two months until May 12, 2022; Application to create two lots; 36,063 square feet; R-90 Zone; located on the west side of Gainsborough Road, approximately 250-feet southeast of Whistler Court; 2002 Potomac Subregion Master Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the extension request

A. Gonzalez

12710 Twinbrook Parkway, Regulatory Extension Request No. 2

Request to extend the regulatory review period for Sketch Plan 320220020 and Site Plan 820220010 from March 3, 2022 to April 7, 2022 on 0.708 acres of land in the CR-1.5, C-1.0, R-1.25, H-145’ Zone; located at 12710 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville; within the 2009 Twinbrook Sector Plan area.

A. Lindsey

Rock Spring Centre: Preliminary Plan Amendment No.11998092C, Regulatory Extension Request #6; Site Plan Amendment Nos. 82003036C, 82004017C, 82009003A, Regulatory Extension Request #4

Request to extend the regulatory review period until September 10, 2022; for up to 1,049,900 square feet of non-residential and up to 1,250 dwelling units; located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Rock Spring Drive, Bethesda; on approximately 53.4 acres of land zoned CR-1.5, C-0.75, R-1.0, H-275 and CR-1.5, C-0.75, R-0.75, H-275 zone (but reviewed under the standards of the MXPD Zone in the Zoning Ordinance in effect prior to October 30, 2014); within the 2018 Rock Spring Master Plan area.
Staff Recommendation: Approval of the Extension Request

E. Tettelbaum

Item 2

Roundtable Discussion

A. Parks Director’s Report

B1. Operating Funds Seven Month Financial Report Including Projections to June 30, 2022.
B2. Enterprise Funds Seven Month Financial Report Including Projections to June 30, 2022.
B. G. Cohen


Item *5

Park Montgomery:Sketch Plan 320220030 & Site Plan No. 820220020 (Public Hearing)

CRTF-1.6, C-0.0 R-1.6 H-140’, 3.45 acres; located at 8860 Piney Branch Avenue approximately 900 feet east of University Boulevard; 2013 Long Branch Sector Plan.
a. Request for up to 237,737 square feet of residential density for multifamily affordable housing development.
b. Request to construct a new multifamily affordable housing building up to 94,481 square feet for up to 76 units with structured parking, with an existing 143,256 square foot multifamily building with up to 141 units to remain onsite.

Staff Recommendations: Approvals with Conditions and Adoption of Resolution



G. Bogdan

Item *6

Strathmore Square: Preliminary Plan Amendment No. 12019018B & Site Plan No. 820220070 (Public Hearing)

CR-3.0 C-0.5 R-2.75 H-300 and R-60; 14.6 acres; located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Rockville Pike and Tuckerman Lane adjacent to the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station; 2017 Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Area Minor Master Plan.
A.Request to modify lot lines and associated conditions of approval, street sections and design, park boundary and loading/entry points for Lot 3.
B. Request for approval of Phase 1 with up to 304,445 square feet of development, including up to 9,000 square feet of commercial development and up to 295,445 square feet of residential development (up to 225 220 dwelling units).  In accordance with Zoning Ordinance Section.7.3.3.I, the Site Plan will amend the conditions and binding elements of Sketch Plan 320190010 to increase the building height from 100 ft to 105 ft for Buildings 3A and 3B (while maintaining the required step-back along Tuckerman Lane), clarify maximum height allowed for all buildings, modify the public benefit schedule, and update site design and future coordination conditions.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with conditions and Adoption of the Resolution








E. Tettelbaum

Item 7

Staging Allocation Request No. 27800 for Pike & Rose, Phase 2 (Building 9): Site Plan No. 82013012G (Public Hearing)

Staging Allocation Request for 297,500 square feet of non-residential development for the CR4.0 C3.5 R3.5 H-300 portion of the property; located at the intersection of Rockville Pike (MD 355) and Meeting Street in the White Flint (North Bethesda) Sector Plan area.

Staff Recommendation: Approval

N. Yearwood

Item 11

Montgomery County Comprehensive Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Plan Proposed Category Map Amendments – County Executive’s AD 2022-2 Administrative Amendment Group – Six Water/Sewer Service Category Change requests. (Public Hearing)

Staff Recommendation: Transmit Comments to County Executive

K. Nelson

Item *8

Milestone Innovation Center: Preliminary Plan Amendment No. 11987271D & Site Plan Amendment No. 82001009G (Pubic Hearing)

Amendments to allow 308,500 square feet of Research and Development and 161,500 square feet of Office uses in three (3) new buildings; 44.33 Acres; CR-2.0, C-1.75, R-0.5, H-125T Zone; located on the north side of I-270, between Ridge Road and Dorsey Mill Road; 2009 Germantown Employment Area Sector Plan.

Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 1 – Preliminary Plan and Site Plan reduced

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 2 – Opinions – Resolutions


Item 8 ATTACHMENT 4 – FFCP Resized

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 5 – 10 – Var – 82001009G

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 6 – DOT Approval Memo

Item 8ATTACHMENT 7 – DPS RPP Approval Memo

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 8 – DPS SWM Approval

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 9 – Fire & Rescue Approval Memo

Item 8 ATTACHMENT 10 – SHA Memo


A. Gonzalez

Item *9

Ronald McNair Elementary School: Mandatory Referral No. MR2022014 (Public Hearing)

Construction of a new addition to Ronald McNair Elementary school to address MCPS programmatic and safety standards/requirements, community input, environmental impacts, fire access requirements, Montgomery County stormwater requirements and site constraints; Located at 13881 Hopkins Road, Germantown, MD 20901, northwest quadrant of Hopkins Road and Steeple Road intersection; 10 acres; R-60 Zone; 1989 Germantown Master Plan.

Staff Recommendations: Approval of Mandatory Referral with recommendations

J. Penn

Item 10

Proposed Application Fees

Request for approval of new Biohealth Priority Campus Plan fees and a modest increase of some current fees in accordance with the consumer price index.
Staff Recommendation: Approval



C. Sorrento

1:37 pm


Item 12


According to MD ANN Code, General Provisions Article, §3-305(b)(7)(8), to consult with counsel to obtain legal advice; and consult with staff, consultants, or other individuals about pending or potential litigation. The topic(s) to be discussed are: potential litigation involving Montgomery Park Police.

M. Riley/D. Borden

2:37 pm



Planning Board Seeks Public Comments on Seven Administrative Sewer and Water Category Change Requests

The Planning Board will hear testimony and consider recommendations for the water and sewer category change requests (WSSCR) listed below on Thursday March 17, 2022. The applications request that community water and/or sewer service be extended to these properties.

A public hearing for these administrative cases will be facilitated via telephone conference on March 23, 2022 at 10:00 am by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Planning Board recommendations for these cases will be presented to the County Executive before final decision.

Case Number: WSCCR 22-CLO-04A
Applicant/Owner: Jamie and Cleotilde Aquino
Property Location: 14405 New Hampshire Avenue
Master Plan Area: Cloverly

Case Number: WSCCR 22-TRV-03A
Applicant/Owner: Michael and Pamela Mason
Property Location: 12901 Cleveland Drive
Master Plan Area: Potomac Subregion

Case Number: WSCCR 22-TRV-07A
Applicant/Owner: Thomas Gabrielle and Karine Garnier
Property Location: 9424 Overlea Drive
Master Plan Area: Potomac Subregion

Case Number: WSCCR 22-TRV-08A
Applicant/Owner: Ronald and Debra Gallant
Property Location: 13001 Cleveland Drive
Master Plan Area: Potomac Subregion

Case Number: WSCCR 22-TRV-11A
Applicant/Owner: Amelia Oelke
Property Location: 9406 Overlea Drive
Master Plan Area: Potomac Subregion

Case Number: WSCCR 22-TRV-12A
Applicant/Owner: Don Titzman
Property Location: 9400 Overlea Drive
Master Plan Area: Potomac Subregion

The staff report for the water and sewer category change request will be posted on the Planning Board’s website one week prior to the meeting: Contact Katherine Nelson at 301-495-4622 or 

See also DEP’s website or call 240-777-7700.

Written comments are also welcomed if submitted at least 24 hours prior to the Planning Board Hearing. Emails or letter may be sent to:

Chair, Casey Anderson
Montgomery County Planning Board
2425 Reedie Drive 14th Floor
Wheaton, MD 20902